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Tourist offices are a place where not only you can view a variety of deals related to holidays and vacation at home and abroad, except that they also engaged in providing information on the most attractive tourist destinations in the region, and indeed provide services related to assistance in finding accommodation in the area of the city, or neighborhood.
In Kudowa Zdroj those are a lot of tourist offices, nearly a dozen - each of them is visited daily by throngs of people who want to reserve your exotic vacation, find out where to purchase a map Kudowa Zdroj, or where to find cheap and yet have satisfactory standards of accommodation .
Aid agencies are often those are not described - especially at a time when the season is in full, it seems that all accommodation is booked and when we start to put up with the knowledge that we slept under the stars. In the office, so we'll see, however, that rentals are still rooms available, how much their rent and what the inside of the standards prevail.
Through these offices, guest houses you'll find an interesting Kudowa Zdroj, and in addition they also campsites, luxury hotels and mountain villas.
These offices are located mainly in the vicinity of the city center and on its main pedestrian - to find one of them will not so little problem - you only need to look carefully and have a good look around, and sooner or later any, Tour Desk will come across.
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